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1/2" Silicone Tubing - 100'

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Silicone milk tubing available at Farm and Ranch Depot! Silicone is as strong as plastic and more flexible than rubber even at -20 ̊F. Due to tightly bonded, non-reactive pure resins, silicone stays resilient and translucent longer than plastic tubing, even after being cleaned regularly with boiling wash water. Blue tubing has a clean look and resists discoloration from iodine.

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Silicone Milk Tubing is absolutely sanitary and, due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure resins, unaffected by milk fat or bacteria. Perfectly hygienic with a longer life span than other types of milk tubing when used properly, silicone tubing is as strong as plastic, more flexible than rubber, and can withstand -20° temperatures and boiling wash water. Stays transparent and resilient longer than plastic tubing. 17 lbs. per 100'

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      18 lbs
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