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Cattle Chutes

Cattle Chutes

We only sell the best quality cattle chutes! Browse our selection of cattle squeeze chutes for sale. Made in the USA. Our dependable, quiet-operating squeeze chutes are designed to reduce animal stress to help you get the most from your herd, with a focus on the following features:

Comfortable Restraint and Head Control: This allows the cow to remain calm while you remain in full control of its position.

Accessibility:  Our chutes allow maximum accessibility to the animal's neck, shoulders, and hindquarters without compromising your safety, so you can perform various medical treatments, ear tagging, branding, and other procedures.

Adjustability:  On many of our squeeze chutes, the floor height as well as the width of the chute and the headgate are adjustable. This allows you to handle and work on various sizes of cattle.

Safety: The safety of the operator and the cow are a top priority.

Manual or Hydraulic Operation: Our cattle chutes are available with either manual or hydraulic controls. Hydraulically-controlled units offer easier control and more precise movements.

Whether you are a hobby farmer with a few head of cattle or a large scale beef farm, our squeeze cutes are built to the highest standards and are engineered to last, so you can shop with confidence!

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