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Ambic Teat Dip Cups

The Popular Ambic Teat Dip Cups come in a style for every dairyman. All styles of Ambic Cups have angled cup
with wide splash-proof lip and are made of tough, durable, chemical-resistant materials. Soft squeezable bottle has
a wide mouth for easy filling.

Multi-Foamer Dip Cup: An improved foaming dip cup for more consistent foam generation, easier cleaning, built-
in valve protection, and suitability for various types of foaming chemicals including our Foam-N-Dip™ Foaming
Iodine Dip. Foaming Dip Cups are the ideal way to apply Foam-N-Dip™ Foaming Iodine Teat Dip which can bring significant
savings in chemical usage, up to 50%. The thick clinging foam will not drip or run and stays in contact with the teat
for a longer time.

Euro-Style Non-Return Cup: Has a shallower cup and uses half as much dip per use – only 1/2 oz. (15ml).

Non-Return Cup: Widely used for the important tasks of pre- and post-dipping, has a deep inner liner which keeps
used dip from returning to the reservoir.

Twin-Tube Non-Return Cup: Recommended for barrier dips and other highly viscous dips. Two tubes help fill
reservoir more efficiently.

Uni-Dipper: A fully non-return lateral-style low-profile dip cup suitable for low-uddered cows, goats and sheep.
Features twin-tubes to work with any kind of dip.

Standard Return Cup: is the original Ambic dipper without non-return feature.

Our best-selling item, the Non-Return Dip Cup - ADC120

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