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Parts for KD60 Cream Separator

Parts for KD60 Cream Separator

In addition to items we have listed for sale here, we sell other small parts for the KD60 Cream Separator as "special order" items only.  Please email to make inquiry on what is available for your cream separator.

***There will be a $10 fee added to each SPECIAL ORDER under $70.  This fee makes it possible for us to keep offering these parts to our customers and helps cover our supplier's minimum order requirements.  ***This fee does not apply to the items listed below***

Parts for KD60 Cream Separator There are 14 product(s)

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SKU Product name   Price  
KD60-021 P. Bronze Worm Gear
  • $73.80
KD60-033-02 Bowl Bottom Wrench
  • $12.15
KD60-040-01 False Top for KD60
  • $29.62
20781 O-Ring for Stainless Light Duty Strainer
  • SALE!
    • SALE!
  • $1.88
KD60-050 Milk Tank Tap Only f / KD & MC Separators
  • $24.99
KD60-OIL Oil f/ KD60 Separator--8 oz. Bottle
  • $6.65
KD60-048 Milk Basin w/Tank Tap For KD60 & MC60
  • $111.60
KD60-047 Float for KD60 & MC60 Cream Separator
  • $26.85
KD60-044 Milk Spout for KD60 & MC60
  • $70.00
KD60-013-02 Spindle Top Bush
  • $15.00
KD60-011 Adjusting Bolt w/Lock Nut
  • SALE!
    • SALE!
  • $5.39
KD60-016 Neck Spring
  • $2.70
KD60-020 Pinion Pin
  • SALE!
    • SALE!
  • $8.05
KD60-019 Pinion Gear
  • $21.60