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Poly Float Bowl (MA04) Replacement Parts

Poly Float Bowl (MA04) Replacement Parts

In addition to items we have listed for sale here, we sell other water bowl parts as "special order" items only.  Please email  [email protected]   to make inquiry on what is available for your water bowl.  ***There will be a $10 fee added to each SPECIAL ORDER under $75.  This fee makes it possible for us to keep offering these parts to our customers and helps cover our supplier's minimum order requirements.  

Poly Float Bowl (MA04) Replacement Parts There are 17 product(s)

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SKU Product name   Price  
MA04-2 Float Chamber Cover
  • $15.00
MA04-3 S.S. Support Washers - Set of 2
  • $7.45
MA04-4 1/4" X 1" Bolt w/Washer & Nut
  • $6.00
TSDK-12F Installation Kit w/1/2"FPT Adapter
  • $28.76
B768 Valve f/ S76, S76SS & S91
  • $10.92
768HB Valve for MA04 Water Bowl
  • $10.60
MA04-1 Plastic Bowl Only
  • $24.30
B200 Arm f/ Float f/ S76 Water Bowl
  • $3.64
766HB Complete Float & Valve Assb. f/MA04 Bowl
  • $25.20
B300 Float Only f/ S76 Water Bowl
  • $5.25
B7053 Plated Washer f/ B300 Float
  • $0.77
B7054 Plated Steel Nut f/ B300 Float
  • $1.33
B7055 Rubber Seat f/ B300 Float
  • $0.77
B761 Bolt & Nut f/ Float Arm
  • $1.19
B762 Pin f/ B200 Arm f/ B300 Float
  • $0.84
B764 Cover Pin For Float Bowls
  • SALE!
    • SALE!
  • $2.45
B767 Splash Guard f/ B300 Float
  • SALE!
    • SALE!
  • $2.52