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Cattle Guard Forms CowStop Reusable Form - Economical Solution

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 ECONOMICAL and REUSABLE! Cattle Guard Forms CowStop Reusable Form. MADE IN THE USA!  FREE SHIPPING in the 48 Continental United States.

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Cattle Guards for less! Are you looking for cattle guard alternatives? The patented CowStop Reusable Form from Cattle Guard Forms is an economical alternative to the traditional steel cattle guards. The CowStop Form is certified by licensed engineers to meet the toughest standards. The CowStop is an HS-20 rated, P.E. Certified product able to handle demanding load requirements set forth by the DOT, USFS, NP,BLM and US Military. HS-20 rating (32,000 lbs per axle).

The CowStop was also designed with the health and safety of the animal in mind. Cattle Guard Forms CowStop has a hoof stop engineered right into the product. Even if an adventurous or curious cow or horse were to attempt to cross, his hoof will touch the 2-inch stop area. They will immediately back out of the cattle guard without harm. Cattle Guard Forms is the industry leader in providing safe humane cattle guards that protect your substantial investment in your herd.

Safest – Built-in Hoof Stop prevents livestock injury

Strongest – HS-20 Rated will allow 18-wheelers to cross

Lightest – At only approximately 80 lbs. our forms save hundreds on shipping alone

Maintenance Free – No painting, no rust, just years of maintenance free service

Reusable - Use the form over and over again to create as many guards as needed for your farm using only cement and rebar (EACH POUR REQUIRES: 12 BAGS /80 LB. /4000PSI CONCRETE MIX & 1/23 REBAR)

Simple - No additional footings or foundations needed. Simply dig out to an installation depth of 3 inches and tamp the ground for the concrete sections to be placed directly on.

Custom Width - Simply pour multiples and lay them end-to-end

Dimensions - This form measures 21.5 inches x 6 feet

To make about a 12’ x 7’ guard you would want to make 8 concrete sections and lay them 2 wide and 4 deep. 

They are designed to lay end to end and front to back. See additional images for an example.

If you are in a hurry, using more than one cattle guard form at a time will significantly speed up your installation process.

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