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Utility De-Icer For Performance One Drinkers

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250 Watt, 110 volt heater. Typical heating cost for one heating season only $10!

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Typical heating cost for one heating season only $10!

Farm Innovators Model C250 Utility De-Icer standard specifications are 250 Watts / 120 VAC / 2.0 AMPS. The heat range is about 34 F to 45 F. The de-icer only works when the temperature approaches freezing. It is thermostatically controlled to turn on at freezing and to turn off when the temperature is above freezing. If water freezes in the drinker due to the loss of power, allow unit adequate time to melt itself free. Do not chop or cut at unit while plugged in. Low voltage is a possible cause for failure or poor performance. Measure voltage at receptacle with unit energized. Voltage drop means wattage reduction. Extension cords cause voltage drop and are unsafe.

IMPORTANT! DO NOT ALLOW DEPOSITS TO BUILD ON THE HEATING ELEMENT . This can cause “hot spots” which is a primary reason of failure and voids the warranty. White vinegar or “Lime Away” can be used to clean the tubular element. When taking unit out of service, disconnect power supply cord, remove unit from tank, clean element (see above), store indoors.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: 1. Do not energize the heater until the drinker is filled with water. 2. Do not operate the unit out of water (except to test - See 3 below). 3. Here’s how you can check to see if your heater is working-- a) Set unit in freezer for one hour or outside for one hour if temperature is below 35 degrees F. b) Connect heater to an electrical source. Hold the heater by the cord set. Within seconds, the element should begin to heat. Listen for the thermostat to “click” off. Disconnect the unit. The unit is working properly.

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