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Cattle Lifts

Cattle Lifts

Don't wait til an emergency!!  Invest in a quality Cow Cattle lift today!  Cattle lifts or cow lifters are a vital tool to keep on hand at your farm and ranch. At Farm and Ranch Depot we want to encourage you to be ready when a crisis hits with a cow lift. Cattle lifts can be the difference in saving one of your cows lives. Having it ready to use at a moment’s notice is crucial. In many instances Farm and Ranch Depot has received phone calls with consumers on the line needing a cattle lift overnighted in order to save their downed cow. Of course we are ready to take these emergency calls but we want to urge our farmers and ranchers to get there cow lift now before tragedy strikes. Having a way to lift your cow up either due to illness or injury is a vital piece of equipment at your dairy or ranch and could one day save your cow, save you vet visits, and save you money! Cattle lifts come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our Daisy cow lift is heavy duty and built to lift any size cow for extended periods of time, our hip lifts and front end slings are economical and get the job done for a quick lift. Just choose your desired size cow lift and follow the checkout procedure and we’ll make sure it arrives at your door step, ready to use in case of an emergency. Or call us to discuss the different cattle lifts to choose from. So please order your cattle lifter today to ensure your cattle are safe.

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