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Classic 5-Corner Garden Shed

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Corners of yards are often underutilized. Placing a shed in a corner makes efficient use of this space, freeing up other areas for different purposes. A corner shed can help keep your yard looking organized and clutter-free by providing a dedicated storage space for tools, equipment, and other items, and it can blend seamlessly with your garden layout, creating a cohesive and attractive appearance. Utilizing a well-built and attractive corner shed such as this one can enhance the overall appeal of your property, potentially increasing its value. 

Our innovative 10'×10' Five-Corner shed is perfect for any sized lot. Made in the USA with Amish Craftsmanship. This creative design allows you to make great use of your lot space. By placing this shed in the corner of your lot, you will add value and character. Our DIY Kits come with everything preassembled, labeled, primed and ready to assemble. NO EXTRA CUTTING. Customer will be responsible for the shingles, drip edge and paint. Detailed picture manual/ instructions included. 

2 in. x 4 in., 16 in. O.C. wall studs, 7/16 in. LP Smart side Paneling with 4 in. on center grooves, 7/16 in. OSB Roof Sheeting, Two 18″ x 22″ working windows with screens and shutters.  Optional DIY Floor Kit includes 4'×4' Pressure Treated Runners, 5/8 in. Plywood Flooring, and 2×4 Floor Joists, 16″ O.C. 

    -Everything is prefabbed and ready to assemble, no extra cutting
    -Two 18" x 22" Working windows with screens and shutters
    -6' sidewalls with 16' o.c. Wall Studs
    -5' x 6' Double Door Opening
    -Locking Door Handle
    -All screws, latches, and nails are included
    -Premium LP smart side paneling treated to resist fungal decay and insect infestation, primed and ready for paint

Please note: Customer provides Shingles, Roof Drip-Edge, and Paint

2 Person home delivery – when the pallet reaches the customer’s local terminal, the shipping company will contact the customer to set up delivery, the customer is responsible for providing at least 2 people at delivery to help unload the kit.

Optional Floor Kit Includes:
 • 5/8″ plywood Flooring material
 • 2'×4' treated floor joists – 16” O.C
 • Treated 4'×4' runners included

Recommended Base: We recommend a level, crushed stone base, 1 foot wider than the building on all sides.


NOTE: Due to size and weight, this item is NOT returnable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are the paint, shingles and drip edge not included?

A: Since each customer has their own paint and shingle color preferences, it is more efficient for the customer to choose the colors they want and purchase these items locally.

Q: Why is the floor kit optional?

A: Many customers have access to a local lumber yard to purchase these boards locally (which is much cheaper than us having to ship these boards to you). Purchasing the floor board materials locally will definitely save you money overall.

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