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Complete Scrusher H1 for Home Use

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MADE IN THE USA! Scrushers® make a great gift!  Farm & Ranch Depot carries the Original SCRUSHER® boot and shoe brush for home use.  Scrushers remove dirt, mud and slush from shoes and boots, making cleaning easier for you! This boot brush is safe for shoes and boots and is meant for year round outdoor use.  All Scrusher® boot brushes are made and assembled in the USA.

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The Scrusher is a combination scrubber, scraper and cleaning brush. Sides and bottom of boots and shoes are brushed clean with one motion of the leg while the strong steel frame provides additional scraping action. Brushes are made of hard maple with poly bristles securely attached and are replaceable. Scrushers may be attached to mat or deck or flooring with mounting screws provided. Wt. 5 lbs.

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