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Cream Separators


Our Milky cream separators range from commercial to simple homesteading sizes, from manual to electric. They are extremely quiet, well-designed and feature the best quality materials and workmanship throughout. Milky Electrics use the familiar spinning disc technology, but with features that improve safety, balance and durability.  

What is a Cream Separator (Milk Separator Machine) Used For?

A cream separator, which can often be known as a milk separator machine, is a simple device that is able to divide up the whole milk into two parts, the skimmed milk and the cream. If you would like to use cream for different products, then a cream separator can help get this done with some simple whole milk.  The process involves centrifugal force, which is generated by spinning the milk in a high-speed bowl.  There are different types of cream separators, including manual and electric models, and the specific mechanics of each may vary slightly. However, the general principle of using centrifugal force to separate cream from milk remains the same.

What Kind of Milk Can I Use with a Cream Separator?

The neat thing about using this product is that it will work with lots of different types of milk. While many choose to use it with cow’s milk because it is the most common type, this also works with goat milk and sheep milk as well. And even though Jersey cow milk tends to have more fat compared to standard milk, the cream separator will work well with this type as well, you will just end up with more cream and less milk compared to other options.

When Would I Use a Cream Separator?

There are different situations when you would want to use a cream separator to make things easier. Some examples of the people who would benefit from a cream separator include:

  • Those who are owners of a mini-farm who would like to use a separator to help them run their business.
  • An entrepreneur who is looking to purchase raw milk to process into skimmed milk, sour cream, and cream so they can sell it to someone else.
  • A cheese-maker who knows that each type of cheese will require milk with a specific fat content. They would be able to use the cream separator to help them accomplish this.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use a cream separator and you may be able to add to this list too!

Is the Milk Separator Machine Necessary to Get the Cream?

Many people assume that they would be able to just get the cream from the milk without having to use a cream separator. It is possible to do this, but it is not the most effective way to get the work done. This process becomes even more difficult if you have sheep or goat milk. While you may not need the cream separator, it is an effective tool that can separate out the different parts for you quickly.

What Can I use the Cream Separator For?

There are many products you can make with the help of a cream separator. It can help you to create cream, skimmed milk and sour cream to start. If you have your own butter churn, it is possible to make butter out of the cream. And if you have a dairy culture, you can make cheese and yogurt from the skimmed milk.

When you are ready to use a cream separator, there are many choices to go with. This product can make creating many dairy products easier than doing the work on your own. Check out a few of the benefits above to help you decide if a cream separator is the right choice for you.

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