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Electric Fences

How many miles can your electric fences be charged up to?

FlashCheck Reduced Tip Digital Probe Thermometer

Our electric fences can be charged up to 75 miles. In terms of livestock supplies, Farm and Ranch Depot possess a countless amount! We have other aspects of raising livestock covered as well, with cattle guards, electric fences, cattle lifts and livestock scales. The sheer volume of supplies available through us easily eclipses the product line of any local feed store, and allows you to order equipment shipped directly from a single reliable place!

Make Farm & Ranch Depot your one and only choice for livestock gear. We supply the following farming supplies:

  • Hopper bottom bins
  • Cattle lifts
  • Livestock scales
  • Dairy udder health equipment
  • Watering equipment
  • Trailer and barn cameras
  • Fly and pest control
  • Tack room
  • Clothing

If it falls under the "livestock supplies" sector, then it can be ordered through Farm and Ranch Depot. We're making our equipment more accessible to those in rural areas, and that's always a good thing. Find the dairy and milking equipment you want in the exact same place as your cattle guards, electric fences and bale feeders.

We want to be your online store for livestock supplies, and we promise that you'll discover all manner of equipment, everything from milking machines to items for specialized cattle control and animal care. Simply click and order the products you need, and we'll ship them to you directly. Make us your one and only choice for livestock equipment by calling us at (928) 951-8332 today. widget logo