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Express Green Pistol Grip Dehorner Debudder w / Label & 1 Can Fuel

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BEST PRICE on Pistol Grip Express Dehorner from Coburn!  This goat and cow dehorner is portable, easy to handle, safe, fast and efficient. The compact, ergonomically-designed 144G Express Dehorner is fueled by a butane/propane mix in a handy cartridge that fits into the handle, so no cords or bulky propane tanks are required. Available at Farm and Ranch Depot!

  • $206.65

The 144G Express Green Pistol Grip Dehorner is designed for easy handling, quick trigger ignition, fast heating, and easy maintenance. The Dehorner features a high-power fuel mix cartridge which installs into the handle eliminating cords and bulky tanks. Maximum temperature is reached in under three minutes and will operate for approximately two hours at up to 1,200°F/650°C. Dehorner weighs 1.3 lbs. with a full fuel cartridge, making it lightweight for the user. Pistol grip design is comfortable and easy to control. Routine maintenance such as replacement of tip, gas nozzle or ignition, can all be done by the end user.  **Gas Cartridge- Ship Ground Only**

Spare parts:
14020 - Reversible Tip (11/16” to 13/16”)
14015 - Goat Tip (9/16”),
446 - High Power Fuel Cartridge

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      5 lbs
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