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Hilason Western Gaited Trail Pleasure Endurance Horse Saddle Black - 16"

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    -Makes the horse FASTER and SERENE
    -Extremely COMFORTABLE for both the horse and the Rider
    -Allows the horse to have a FREE MOVEMENT of muscles
    -Encourages OBEDIENCE
    -Keeps the horse ENERGETIC for an extended period of time
    -PERFECT FIT FOR GAITED HORSES but works great with wide shoulder horses too
    -LIGHT Weight
    -AFFORDABLE PRICE. Similar quality saddle is about $800
    -Reduces Equestrian related expenses like veterinarian expense, trainer ext

    *Specially Designed tree for Gaited Horses*

This is a gorgeous looking Hilason Western Gaited Saddle.Due to the shape and nature of the muscle movement of gaited horses, the tree of the saddle is specially designed to provide allowance for the muscle movement and to make sure that the saddle does not come in the way of the natural movement of the horse's body.

Due to its amazing shape, it fits onto horses brilliantly and provides utmost comfort to both the Horse and the Rider. This saddle is made of top quality Skirting leather and craftsmanship. The stirrups have Blevin buckles to provide quick changes in stirrup length and accommodate a wider height range of riders. Some of the unique features of this light weight saddle is its close contact and pressure relief attributes. The Hilason Gaited saddles are for those who have high regards for Comfort of both the horse and the rider..

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