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Log Splitter Hydraulic Valves

Log Splitter Hydraulic Valves

A Log Splitter Control Valve is a specific type of hydraulic control valve designed specifically for use in log splitting machines. Log splitters are used to split logs into smaller pieces, typically for firewood or other purposes. The control valve in a log splitter is a crucial component that regulates the movement of the hydraulic cylinder responsible for exerting force on the log to split it. 

Log splitters operate under high pressure to exert enough force to split logs efficiently. The control valve often includes a pressure relief valve to prevent the hydraulic system from exceeding its maximum pressure, protecting the equipment from damage and ensuring safe operation.  With flow control, you can adjust the setting between maximum force and maximum speed, depending on your needs.  A few things to keep in mind when choosing the correct control valve for your log splitter include: port size, pressure rating, mounting options, and hydraulic fluid flow rate.

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