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Sheds and Barns

Sheds and Barns

Shop our selection of the best quality garden storage shed and barn kits for sale! Amish-crafted with Premium LP smart side paneling treated to resist fungal decay and insect infestation, primed and ready for paint. We have a wide selection of storage shed sizes available, ranging from 8' x 8' to 12' x 24', which will be delivered right to your location.

Advantages of DIY Shed Kits:

They Save Time

DIY garden shed kits are much faster to install than starting from scratch. These kits come with easy-to-follow installation instructions and even include a set of tools, although you’d probably be better using your own. Not only do these kits save time, they prevent common mistakes made by inexperienced builders. By investing in a DIY kit, you will free up more of your time for essential chores.

They Are Customizable

DIY kits make it easy to leave your personal touch on your garden shed since you can customize it according to your own preferences, such as paint color and shingle color. 

They Are More Affordable

Purchasing a DIY shed kit is often significantly less expensive than having a pre-assembled one delivered.

How to Choose the Right Garden Shed Kit

Learning how to choose the right garden shed adds tremendous value to your outdoor space. A shed becomes the central hub for your garden. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your garden while serving as a useful storage solution. It’s such an important part of your yard that you need to take the time to make the best choice. Let’s look at how to choose the right garden shed kit.

What Comes in a Garden Shed Kit?

Garden shed kits make the construction process more accessible to individuals with varying levels of carpentry skills. A garden shed kit comes with the following components:

  • Pre-cut Materials
  • Pre-Drilled Materials
  • Hardware and Fasteners
  • Roofing Materials
  • Doors and Windows
  • Detailed Assembly Instructions

Benefits of Using a Garden Shed Kit

Garden shed kits give homeowners three big benefits:

  • Easy to Assemble: You don’t have to be a carpenter to assemble these sheds. They come with everything you need, including thorough instructions. 
  • Saves Time: Constructing a shed from scratch is time-consuming. Kits come with materials already cut and drilled, making them much quicker to build.
  • Lower Cost: When compared to building a shed from scratch, a garden shed kit is much more budget friendly.

How to Choose the Right Garden Shed

With a lot of different options available in the market, choosing the right shed kit is a daunting task. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when selecting a storage shed kit to ensure it fits your yard’s personality.

Consider the Space you Have Available

The first step in choosing the right garden shed kit is to determine the space available in your garden. Consider the dimensions and make sure it’s large enough to store your gardening tools and equipment. Also, don’t forget to consider how accessible the shed will be. Make sure it’s convenient and well-integrated into your overall landscape design.

Material Quality Matters

Shed kits are built using either wood, metal, or plastic. Learn about the different types of garden sheds before making a decision. To summarize, wood is more aesthetically pleasing, but also tends to cost more when you factor in the maintenance requirements. Metal is durable, but it’s susceptible to rust. Plastic requires less maintenance, but it’s not as sturdy as the other options. Think about how the shed will hold up in your weather.

Choose a Style that Matches your Yard

The style of your shed plays a pivotal role in shaping your garden. Aim for cohesion between your garden shed and the existing structures around it. Consider the design elements of your home, fences, and even the layout of the yard. The shed should resonate with the overall theme of your home. Finally, choose a roof style that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements the existing architectural elements of your property.

Consider Functionality

Prioritize the functionality of your garden shed to ensure that it serves its intended purpose. Start by evaluating the interior layout. Some shed kits come with customizable interiors, allowing you to arrange it to meet your preferences. Try and find the shed kit that allows you to do this. Also, consider how versatile your shed will be once it’s put together. Can it evolve with your changing needs? Some garden shed kits are designed to be multi-functional. This adaptability ensures that your shed remains a valuable asset over time.

Decide on Your Budget

It’s crucial to establish a clear budget. A well-defined budget streamlines your choices and also ensures that you find a shed kit that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Here are the factors that affect the price of a garden shed kit:

  • Material Costs: Wooden sheds tend to be more expensive than metal or plastic. Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each material.
  • Size and Complexity: Larger and more complex garden shed kits often come with a higher price tag. Assess your storage needs and the intended use of the shed to determine the appropriate size.
  • Customization Options: Some shed kits allow you to add features or modify certain aspects of the design. While these options provide flexibility, they may also contribute to an increase in cost. Popular examples include window flower boxes, cupolas, and upgraded hardware.
  • Additional Features: If you want windows, skylights, or enhanced security, you’ll have to spend more money.

Compare Different Garden Shed Kits Before Deciding

Take the time to compare different kits and read each product’s description carefully. Exploring different options allows you to find the best deal without compromising on quality. Another tip is to look for (or ask for) promotions or discounts that may offer additional savings.

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