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Solenoid Hydraulic Valves

Solenoid Hydraulic Valves

Solenoid hydraulic control valves are a type of hydraulic valve that utilizes solenoids to control the flow of hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic system. A solenoid is an electro-mechanical device that converts electrical energy into linear mechanical motion. In hydraulic control valves, solenoids are used to actuate the valve by energizing or de-energizing them. Hydraulic systems are commonly used in various applications such as industrial machinery, construction equipment, automotive systems, agriculture implements, material handling systems, and more.

Solenoid hydraulic control valves offer several advantages:

  • Precision control: They allow for precise control over the flow of hydraulic fluid, enabling fine-tuning of hydraulic systems for optimal performance.
  • Remote operation: Since they are controlled electronically, solenoid hydraulic valves can be operated remotely, allowing for automation and integration into complex systems.
  • Fast response: Solenoids can actuate quickly, providing rapid response times in hydraulic systems, which is crucial in many applications.

Note: When choosing your solenoid control valve(s), be sure to take note of the valves size, mounting options, and electrical connection(s) to be sure that you are buying the correct replacement for your needs.

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