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Butter Churns

Butter Churns

Electric & Hand-Crank Butter Churns

Now that you have fresh milk from your cow, there are many different things you can do with it; one of these is making butter and finding the right butter churn has never been easier.  Our most popular butter churn is the Milky FJ10.  This butter churn is built to last and churns your butter using a 115VAC/60hz electric motor allowing you the relief of churning cream by hand.  Its stainless steel container keeps cream cool and fresh while the churning process takes place.  This also allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing of your butter churn.  For lighter duty butter churns please select the 2 ½ gallon GD2 butter churn with electric motor or the old fashion hand butter churn.  Both products have proven to be unbelievable butter churns at very affordable prices.  Please do not hesitate to call one of our customer service representatives today for more information.

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