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Dairy Udder Health

Udder Health for Dairy Cows & Teat Dippers

Keeping your dairy cows udders in good condition and free from mastitis and infection is vital part of any dairy operation.  A case of mastitis or any other infection can hurt production and cause incredible discomfort to your cow.  Farm and Ranch Depot wants to help you take the necessary precautions to ensure you dairy is free from such issues.

Our line of Ambic & RJB products are a perfect place to start when fighting infection and come in 3 styles, dip cups, teat sprayers and an automated Ambic EasiDipper sysytem.  First, teat dip cups are our first recommendation and are a great way to begin milking, cleaning the teats and killing bacteria right away. These are manually applied and can be used with foaming or traditional teat dip. Secondly, our Ambic teat sprayers are the easiest way to get teat dip applied.  Ambic teat sprayers come with three different kinds of spray guns.  You can chose between the button-style gun, the lever-style gun, and the solid cone gun.  Thirdly, the EasiDipper system combines a traditional teat dipper with the automation and speed of a teat sprayer, eliminating the need to refill the teat dip cup.  Both the teat sprayers and EasiDipper are vacuum operated and eliminate the use of electricity, which allows these to be utilized anywhere on the farm.

Our teat dip cups and chemicals are also available to complete your arsenal against mastitis.  We also encourage you to check out our inflation sanitizers which can ward off infection.  The Ambic Peraspray is a great way to prevent the transfer of mastitis from one cow to another.  Sanitizing the inflations with our inflation sanitizer is just another step in this ongoing fight against mastitis.  Ambic has built an incredible reputation with their products and the Ambic Perasprayer is no exception.

Please note that if mastitis should rear its ugly head, Farm and Ranch Depot has the necessary products to help.  Our udder balms, bag balm, dynamint and topical creams are certain to bring fast relief to your mama cow.  We have large selection of these items along with quarter milkers, udder supports, sponges, microfiber dairy towels and milk samplers.  Farm and Ranch Depot is here for you in our fight against mastitis and other infections.  Please do not hesitate to call today as we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in dairy udder health.

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