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Scratchers & Oilers

Scratchers & Oilers

Cattle Groomers, Scratchers, and Oilers apply fly and pest control and provide a comfortable brushing action to the animal. Lice, flies and winter hair are removed while protective, effective pest control is applied to the cow’s back for dispersal throughout the coat. Use oil-based insecticide solution (not included). The solution tanks now have a valve to regulate oil supply to the upper brush.

Everything You Need to Know About Cattle Scratchers and Oilers

Cattle groomers, also known as cattle scratchers, scratching posts, or oilers, are an effective way to apply fly and pest control to your cattle while giving them a comfortable brushing and scratching experience at the same time. When you need to apply pest control to your cattle while helping to groom your cattle all in one swipe, then the cow scratcher is one of the best tools for you to use.

What is a Cow Scratcher?

A cow scratcher is a great tool that you can use to not only brush your cattle and make them feel better, but also allow a simple way to apply fly and pest control at the same time. When the cow scratcher is used, it can help to remove all the lice, flies, and winter hair from the cattle, giving them a fresh feeling after a long winter.

While removing the hair and flies from the winter will help the cattle feel good, this product is able to apply effective pest control to the back of the cow, helping disperse it all throughout the coat. This can make it easier to provide your cattle with a good brushing while protecting them all summer long.

Why Do I Need a Cow Scratcher?

You will need a cow scratcher to help take the best possible care of your cattle. From grooming to keeping all the pests away, you will find that your cattle will feel so much better when you use this product.

Grooming your cattle by hand can often take some time. You have to get out the brush and work it through the hair thoroughly. Then you need to go through separately and use the pest control, hoping to get it all rubbed in and spread across all the hair. This takes a long time without a cow scratcher.  In addition, brushing and treating your cattle individually will give you unnecessary and unwanted exposure to the insecticides in the grooming oil.

Yet another benefit of a cattle scratcher/oiler device is that it helps to minimize damage to your barn walls and fence posts. When the cattle realize how good the scratcher makes them feel, it deters them from intentionally rubbing up against other parts of your property for relief.

When you are ready to save time and money with grooming and protecting your cattle, then using a cow scratcher is one of the best ways to make this happen. Give this product a try and see how great it can be for your whole farm.

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