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Dairy Supplies & Milking Equipment

Milking Machines, Parlor Equipment and Cleaning Supplies, Livestock Feeders and Waterers, Hopper Bottom Feed Bins, Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps, Cattle Guards and more!

Farm and Ranch Depot is a family owned and operated small business, but we pack a big punch in our farm and ranch supply offerings. And because we are family-owned and operated it makes a difference in the service we provide. You’ll be treated like an individual with excellent, personalized customer service every time you call on us!  

Farm and Ranch Depot is an authorized online dealer for:  Coburn Company, E-Zee Milking Equipment, LLC, Pride of the Farm, EndureQuest, Bock's Identi Company, Schlueter, Magister Hydraulics, Agromatic, Double T Saddles, and more!  We offer a wide variety of milking equipment that includes milking machines, portable milkers, bucket milkers, cow, sheep and goat milking products and equipment, milk pasteurizers, butter churns, cream separators, and much more! Like our dairy farm equipment, the rest of our product is reasonably priced and includes cattle scratchers and oilers, fly control for your cow and horse barn, cattle guards, cattle feed storage bins, grain storage silos and hopper bottom bins. Our goal is to provide you with essential pieces of farm supply equipment that are not available at the local feed store. 

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