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Hobbles & Kick Stops

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  • Deluxe Notched-Bar Trainer--Pkg/5

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    Cow Trainers are used in the stanchion barn where they are connected to an electric fence charger to give cows a slight shock when they hump to evacuate. Cows are soon "trained" and the stanchions stay much cleaner.Cross Bar type Trainer has 29 sharp points for best possible contact, even with rubber mats. Carton of 5 Trainers weighs 3 lbs.
    • $39.14
  • Cow Hobbles

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    Cow hobble stops the cow from kicking or switching her tail. Hooks over tendons of hind legs and adjusts to any size cow. Galvanized steel. Wt. 1.5 lb.

    • $20.95
  • Kow Kant Kick

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    Kow Kant Kick fits any size animal and is now improved with a black powder-coated finish. To use, slip over the animal's back and crank the handle to immobilize the muscles of the rear legs that control kicking. It works on either side of the pin bone. The arms are rubber-tipped to protect the animal. Wt. 13 lbs.

    • $141.75
  • Rubber Cap f/ Kick-Stop

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    Replacement Rubber End Cap for 210KS Kick-Stop.

    • $2.28
  • Kick-Stop

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    Kick-Stop has an easy, pushbutton adjustment that allows it to fit any size animal. Slips into place with just a push of the button, and it fits snugly over back for optimum control. Handy and easy to carry, Kick-Stop weighs only 4 lbs. as compared to other anti-kick devices weighing 12 lbs. or more. Scientifically built for long, hard usage, it will be welcomed by every stock owner who handles or treats cattle. Individually boxed with informative label. Wt. 4 lbs.

    • $32.47
  • Top Hanger Clip--Pkg/10

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    Top Hanger Clip for Electric Cow Trainers (models 1N, 1NSH, 2, 2SH, 3, 3SH and 4). Package of 10.
    • $16.16
  • Spring f/ Kick-Stop

    Not rated yet

    Replacement Button Spring for 210KS Kick-Stop.

    • $1.93
  • Hook-and-Loop Cow Hobble

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    This Cow Hobble is made of sturdy 1-1/2" strapping with generous stitched-on strips of hook-and-loop material. When properly placed on hind legs, this hobble prevents slipping and splaying of legs and is especially useful when hindquarters have been weakened by calving. Secure and comfortable, lightweight, easy to put on and washable. Nickel-plated hardware.

    • $13.80
  • Cow Cufflink II

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    The Cow Cufflink is a hobble-type device which prevents kicking and is also used to keep animals stable after difficult calving or in slippery conditions. It is easily buckled onto the cow's ankles and is adjustable from 12" to 21" making it suitable for a wide range of breeds, sizes and conditions. Cow Cufflink is made of 6000 lb. tensile strength nylon webbing with stainless steel rings and positive lock buckles. Cufflink is durable, washable and made in the USA. Also available in Red. Wt. 10 oz.

    • $43.20