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Milking Equipment

Cow, Sheep & Goat Milking Equipment

The milking equipment and dairy supply industry has made enormous advances in technology in the last 20 years.  The need to produce more milk at lower cost has taken milking equipment to a new standard in the dairy industry.   From automated goat and sheep stalls to complex in-line milk parts and plate coolers, the average milk barn has turned into a representation of a high-tech, radically engineered operation.

When setting up your milking operation you must take into account so many details in order to construct the right milking parlor.  Depending on the total cows being milked and the amount of labor you have, finding the most efficient milking equipment can be crucial.  At Farm and Ranch Depot, we sell most everything needed to fulfill these needs at low prices.  Our vacuum pumps, portable milkers, pulsation equipment and different style claws ensure you’re getting the correct application for you dairy cows or dairy goats.  We are not only diverse in our milking equipment for cows but also for goats and sheep dairies. 

The dairy goat industry has grown to new heights as well.  We have found that the engineered rapid exit stalls are becoming the norm and items such as, claws, shells and liners are being utilized much more in the last few years than any other time in history.  The dairy goat world has grown so much as this country is loving more and more there goat milk and goat cheese.  For smaller goat dairies, portable vacuum pumps seem to work best.  Milking goats with a portable milking machine will ensure a complete milk-out and does a great job when you only hand a handful of goats. 

Milking Equipment has such a broad range of items from inflations to stanchions, to plate coolers and vacuum pulsators, Farm and Ranch Depot carries them at.  We here at Farm and Ranch Depot have done our best to make sure that all the dairy supplies you need are available at the best prices with the best customer service and selection.  We do our best to organize all these moving parts and pieces so you can find what you are looking for, but we are also available by phone and email.  So for your dairy supplies we hope you look no further than Farm and Ranch Depot.  We are here to serve you!

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