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Sinks & Desks

Sinks & Desks

Hand Sinks, Single & Double Stainless Steel Sinks

Barn sinks are an item we certainly sell not only here in North America but all over the world.  Barn sinks which can also be called milking parlor sinks, dairy wash vats and horizontal sinks are a must for your milking parlor.  Our lineup of stainless steel sinks are made from the highest quality steel and built to last.  We offer a variety of sizes to fit most any milking parlor.  In addition to your milking parlor sink we also offer other parts and pieces.  Such as brackets, legs, mixing faucets, simple hand sinks, drains, plugs, and other accessories needed to ensure your milking parlor is customized to fit your operation perfectly.  Don’t forget to check out our stainless steel desk which is a wonderful addition to your milking parlor.  Whether calculating quantities, crunching numbers, or simply taking notes, a stainless steel or galvanized writing desk for your milking parlor makes organization and office work quick and easy.  Theses barn desks are simple, affordable and fold up nicely to ensure space is maximized.  Please check out the product page for more information or call one of our customer service agents who are standing by to help.

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