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Animal Care

Animal Care

Farm & Ranch Depot carries a vast array of animal care and health products ranging from calf blankets to cattle oilers! 

Below you will find great pricing on Ambic teat dippers and sprayers, calf warming jackets, cattle lifts, bloodless castrators, fly and pest control products like Mr. Sticky, cattle oilers, grooming clippers, udder health products like Dynamint.  You will also find everything you need for dehorning including gas powered and electric dehorners, livestock weigh tapes, cattle ear tags and goat or sheep neck tags, horse and cow hoof care and farrier products.  We even carry a limited number of veterinary supplies such as calf drenchers, splints, and gloves.  You can find almost anything you need for your cows, goats, horses, livestock and wildlife game at Farm and Ranch Depot!

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