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Portable Milking Machines for Cows, Goats, and Sheep - Base Units - Include Vacuum Pump + Motor

Portable Milking Machines for Cows, Goats, and Sheep - Base Units - Include Vacuum Pump + Motor

Milking machine Base Units in this category include the Vacuum Pump and Motor ONLY.  You will need to order a separate milk receptacle such as a Milking Bucket, and the Milking Cluster which consists of Pulsator, Teat cups (shells) and Liners (inflations), Milk Claw, Milk tube and a Pulse tube. 

OR you can SAVE BIG and visit our Complete Portable Milking Packages Category and find a complete package that's ready-to-go and just right for you! Whether you need a complete cow milking machine package, or a milker for goats or sheep, we have the products you need.

What you Need to Know About Portable Milking Equipment and Milkers

When it is time to milk the animals on your farm, it is important to be prepared. This process can take a lot of time and if your animals are way out in a field, you may not want to spend all the effort to bring them back in. Yet they still need to be milked. This is when you will need a portable milking machine.

What is a Portable Milking Machine?

A portable milking machine is a simple device that you can use to get milk from animals. It is most commonly thought of as a milking machine for cows, but specialized units may also be used on sheep, goats, and buffalo if you need as well. As a diary farmer, you need a reliable and good milking machine that you can move around the farm to get milk each day. If you have to chase down each animal to get this done and bring them back to the barn to milk, the process will take a lot longer.

How Does a Portable Milking Machine Work?

The portable milking machine is meant to make things easier for you as a dairy farmer. You will be able to move the cow machine around the farm or the barn with you, ensuring that you can milk wherever your animals are. You can just take the portable milking machine around with you, attach it to the animal you would like to milk, and then get the process started.  It even comes in handy when attending trade shows or if your dairy operation is small enough to get by with just one or two portable milkers, rather than a complex and expensive milking system that is set in one place.

Additionally, if there is some reason why your animals are not able to come to you, such as them being sick, then milking may seem impossible. That is why these portable milking machines may be the right option for you. You do not have to spend all day herding the animals back in to get the work completed.

Components of a Portable Milking Machine

In general, your portable unit will include the following components:

  • A vacuum pump on wheels. These pumps can be either gas or electric powered and generally range from 3/4HP – 1HP.
  • A milking bucket and lid assembly, usually with a pulsator
  • Milking cluster(s) which include the claw, inflations, and any necessary tubing. These clusters are different for cows vs. sheep or goats

The Benefits of Using a Portable Milking Machine

As a dairy farmer, there are a lot of great benefits to using a portable milking machine. These include:

  • Get to animals who can’t get to you. Whether the animal is sick or too far out so you can’t bring them back in to milk, a portable milking machine can make it easier to get them milked.
  • Get the milking done faster
  • Efficiency - depending on which package you buy, it is possible to milk multiple cows at once with just on vacuum pump.

A portable milking machine may be one of the best tools for you to choose when trying to make your farm more efficient overall. Whether you use the machine all the time or just on days when you need to make things easier, you will be amazed at the difference this can make.

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