Basic Goat or Sheep Stalls

Basic Stalls for Sheep & Goat Milking

Dairy goats and sheep have become a growing business in recent years.  It seems many folks have turned to goat’s milk who might have an allergy or some other sort of aversion to cow’s milk.  We here at Farm and Ranch Depot have certainly noticed an increase in sales in our lineup of goat and sheep milking products.  We offer a basic goat and sheep headlock stanchion for micro dairies at a lower price point.  Basic does not mean less functional, the basic stalls still ensures an easier milking experience but fits a little tighter budget.  These basic stalls have a cascading headlock, only allowing goats to enter the furthest stall.  This ensures goats do not get into a traffic jam.  It also has a gang release lever, allowing all goats or sheep to exit the parlor together.  Let Farm and Ranch Depot help you in the design of your barn to ensure the right stalls are installed.  We want success for your dairy operation and are committed to helping you achieve success.

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