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Bucket Milker Assemblies

Bucket Milker Assemblies

Milking Bucket Assemblies come come in a variety of configurations for your milking system. Some items in this category do not include the Milking Cluster.  Others, like the Nupulse Pail Milker comes complete with a pulsator/claw combination and is ready to attach to your milker. Buy yours at Farm & Ranch Depot!  We are family owned and operated and ready to assist with questions.  Give us a holler!

Bucket milkers were the original mechanical milkers successfully used on cows. A couple of discoveries that made the cow milker machines safe and effective for cows and goats were the capability of making the milker pulsate along with a vacuum and development of a two-part inflation that massages the cows' teats while milking.

When the vacuum pump is turned on, it creates a suction that draws the milk out of the udder and into a container, which is usually a metal bucket or can. The milk is then transferred to a storage tank or processing facility.

Bucket milkers are commonly used on small to medium-sized dairy farms as they are relatively simple and inexpensive compared to other milking machines.

The majority of standard systems are comprised of a claw, a pulsator, a bucket and lid, and a vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps are connected to bucket milkers through vacuum lines. Its responsibility includes maintaining a continuous vacuum for the correct function of the bucket milker. If the regulator and vacuum pump are not properly working, a cow’s teats may be injured. The majority of bucket milkers carry 4 - 8 gallons of milk from one, and occasionally two, cows before it has to be emptied inside a bulk tank to be cooled and stored.

    Tips for Using a Bucket Milker

Learning to use a bucket milker assembly is like learning how to drive a vehicle. There’s a lot to learn ahead of time, yet it soon becomes a habit. Ultimately, you’ll work the machine on autopilot.

    -Correctly clean your cow and start the cow with your hands.
    -Hook your vacuum line to your vacuum port on your bucket milker then switch the vacuum pump on.
    -Put the bucket on the floor next to the cow close to her rib cage. It’ll leave space to access the cow’s udder.
    -Grasp the claw then hold it underneath the cow’s udder with the milk hose positioned towards the claw’s front. When you, the bucket, the cow, and claw are in position, open up the vacuum to the claw then listen to ensure that your pulsator is clicking.
    -Place the inflations on the teats one at a time beginning with the teat that is farthest away from you.
    -Ensure that the claw hangs directly down from the cow’s udder. It cannot be twisted while milking. Once you develop confidence with your skills, you might discover that pulling the claw forward or adjusting its position on your cow is going to speed things up.

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