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Coburn PortaMilkers and Mini Portamilkers

Coburn PortaMilkers and Mini Portamilkers

Coburn PortaMilker, PortaMilker II, and Mini PortaMilkers are compact, easily maneuvered and easily transported. Please choose your Base Unit based on:

1) Desired Motor/Engine
2) How many wheels you would like to have on your machine
3) How many buckets you will be milking at one time

Engine/Motor:  The PortaMilker and PortaMilker II base units come in either Gas (6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Overhead Valve Engine) or Electric (1 HP CSA-Approved Electric Motor).  
The Mini PortaMilker comes with an Electric Motor (3/4 HP 115/230 VAC.)

Wheels:  The PortaMilker comes with two 10" rubber tires at the rear.  The PortaMilker II comes with two rubber 10" tires at the rear, and two smaller wheels on casters in the front.  The Mini PortaMilker is mounted on 4 "feet" and has no wheels and is designed to be carried by the handle.

Remember: Buckets are NOT INCLUDED with Base Units. Order Buckets and Milking Clusters separately.  OR you can SAVE BIG and visit our Complete Portable Milking Packages Category and find a complete package that's ready-to-go and just right for you!

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