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Dairy Aprons & Bib Overalls

Dairy Aprons & Bib Overalls

Dairy aprons, milking sleeve aprons, milking sleeves and waterproof Utility Bib overalls available for sale at Farm & Ranch Depot! Buy Bulk and save!  Farm & Ranch Depot carries milking aprons, sleeves, boots and other waterproof milking clothing for your prep comfort and convenience.  Items include Udder Tech, Steplite Bekina, Coburn and other brands.

Dairy aprons are aprons worn by individuals who work in dairy processing facilities or on dairy farms. These aprons are designed to provide protection from spills, splashes, and other hazards associated with working with dairy products. Depending on the brand, they are made of materials such as nylon, polyester, PVC, or nitrile and most have waterproof coatings to prevent liquids from soaking through to the wearer's clothing.

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