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Hose & Tubing

Hose & Tubing

Milk Hose & Dairy Tubing

Milking Hoses, Vacuum Tubing & Milking Machine Equipment Tubing

Milk tubing (also known as milk hose), vacuum tubing and other milking machine tubing come in a few different variations and are FDA-approved food grade for food safety. We carry a wide range of milk hose and tubing to ensure the best milk quality and animal health in your dairy operation.

Black rubber milk tubing has its place, but the Transflow single line or twin line clear plastic vacuum tubing is also extremely durable, resistant to cracks, prevents unwanted build up and leftover milk residue. Tigerflex is a unique milk tubing in that it is constructed out of smooth-bore PVC with a white helix reinforcement. The milk tubing is clear so one can see milk flow through the tube. Silicone vacuum tubing and milk tubing are as strong as plastic but more flexible with a higher tolerance for high-temperature water used in cleaning. It also allows for easier restriction when eliminating or reducing vacuum pressure. The milk tubing comes in a translucent white or blue.  We now also offer Glitex - a very high quality tubing and a great price! No matter what type of food-grade tubing or milk hose you need, we are here to help.

Don’t forget to also check out our milk tubing accessories such as our vacuum tubing splicer and our milk tubing cutters. Milk tubing will come in a bulk amount, such as a case of 100-feet (which can save you a lot of money) or per foot depending on your desired length. Not sure which tubing is best for your application? Give Farm and Ranch Depot a call today to find out how we can help you in selecting the right products for your dairy farm.

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