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Kleen Flo Automatic Pipeline Wash System

Kleen Flo Automatic Pipeline Wash System

The Kleen Flo Wash System will clean any size pipeline milking system. Every segment of every cycle of the Pipeline Washing can be adjusted to the needs of the dairy. The Kleen Flo lowers the cleaning costs of many systems by reducing waste water, eliminating excess vacuum pump run time, consistently dispensing the correct amount of chemicals for every wash, and catching water heater failures before they create high bacteria counts. You will save on water and can also add an additional Diverter to use the wash water for cleaning the dairy.

The Kleen Flo Wash Controller has an easy-to-navigate layout with touch-screen display which reduces confusion for the operator. The pre-programmed defaults save time, and changes are simple to make to effectively and efficiently clean your milking system.

» 3 Formulas - Up to 7 Cycle Wash Programs for each.
» Easy Programming
» Temperature Controlled Fill, Monitoring Temps for both Milk & Wash
· Alarm Feature
· Add More Water Feature
· Programmable Pre-Sanitizer Start Times
· Divert Rinse Water
· Automatic Chemical Dispensing
· Supports 2-Part Wash Chemicals
· Automatic Wash Cycling or Manual Wash
· Skip a Cycle
· Programmable Hot Acid Rinse
· Low · Low Chemical Alarm
· Capable of controlling 220V, 24V, and 12V System Devices

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