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Our large Milk Bar selection allows you to look no further when deciding on a Milk Bar. From a compartment style to a standard Milk Bar, your calves are sure to receive the proper nutrients and food necessary for proper growth and weight. Feeding bucket calves together is proven to make calves healthier and happier. If you do have a single calf who simply needs one nipple, our single Milk Bar feeder can come with adjustable E-Z lock brackets to allow for easy installation to any fence. Maybe you require 12 nipples to feed a larger number of calves at the same time, then our 18 gallon Milk Bar 12 will be perfect for your application. Our Milk Bar feeders come in a variety of sizes and nipple counts giving you, the consumer the right Milk Bar nurser for your farm. We also carry the new straight line Milk Bar, the free standing Milk Bar for 20 calves and the single or tandem axle mobile Milk Bar if you would like to feed your calves in pasture. Choose a Milk Bar with compartments if you need to monitor and track how much each calf. Don’t forget Farm and Ranch Depot also carries the necessary Milk Bar nipples to replace the nipples when they become worn. We are here to make your calf rearing experience easy and profitable.

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