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Milk Line Fittings & Connectors

Milk Line Fittings & Connectors

Find hundreds of Milk Line Fittings & Connectors at Farm & Ranch Depot! Coburn and E-Zee Milking Equipment stainless steel pipeline fittings and dairy connectors are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship. 180 Degree U-Bends, 45 Degree Elbows, 90 Degree Elbows, Bevel Seat Closures, Bevel-Seat Ferrules, Clamp-to-thread Adapters, Concentric Reducers, Bevel-Seat Recessless Ferrules, Concentric Reducing Ferrules, Glass-to-Stainless Roll-On Ferrules, Solid End Caps, Y-Clamps, Wall Flanges, Surge-Style Roll-On Ferrule, Tee Clamps, Type 316 Butterfly Valves and more! 

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