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Milk Meters

Milk Meters

The name in milk meters is Waikato and yes we got them! The Waikato milk meter is an excellent way to analyze you cow’s milk for quality, content, and consistency. Using a milk meter in conjunction with your specified milking equipment is a reliable way to make sure your dairy cow is a proven high producer for future breeding. Monitoring your cow’s milk with one of our milk meters will help aid your dairy in selecting and growing the right cows for your operation. These MK5 Milk Meter comes with a permanent mounting bracket or can be purchased with the milk meter portable mount which is sold separately. The portable mount allows for easy hook on and off and can help conform your milk meter to any in line milking system. Waikato milk meters fit onto your existing pipeline and are designed for clean in place (CIP). Please call today and speak with one of our helpful representatives on why a Waikato Milk Meters are the right way to go for your Dairy Farm!

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