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Plate and Tube Coolers

Plate and Tube Coolers

Farm & Ranch Depot carries a wide selection of chassis plate dairy milk coolers, tube coolers and plate cooler parts.  We are a dealer for Coburn Company and EZee Milking and carry single pass, dual pass, eco plate coolers chillers for your milk cooling system.

What is a plate cooler?

Dairy plate coolers, also known as milk plate coolers, are refrigeration units used to rapidly cool milk after it has been milked from cows or other dairy animals.

The dairy plate cooler is essentially a heat exchanger that uses chilled water or another refrigerant to cool the milk as it passes through a series of stainless steel plates. The chilled water flows in the opposite direction of the milk, which allows for maximum heat transfer and efficient cooling.

Dairy plate coolers are commonly used on dairy farms to cool milk quickly to a temperature that inhibits the growth of bacteria, which helps to preserve the quality and freshness of the milk. By rapidly cooling the milk, dairy plate coolers also help to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and the potential for spoilage.

Overall, dairy plate coolers are an important tool for dairy farmers in maintaining the quality and safety of their milk products.

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