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Cattle Guards

Cattle Guards

USA-Made Traditional Steel Cattle Guards AND Do-it-Yourself Cattle Guard Concrete Forms

Cattle guards have long been used to contain livestock without the need for a gate. We only sell the highest quality cattle grids. 100% Made in the USA with USA steel. We have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. Custom lengths and specs are available too. When you are ready to order the highest-quality, longest-lasting cattle guards for sale, Farm and Ranch Depot has you covered! Bulk discounts are available for larger orders – call for details!

  • · Made in the USA Using the Highest Quality Manufacturing Processes
  • · 2 Categories - Traditional Steel Guards and DIY Concrete Cattle Guard Forms Available
  • · Steel Cattle Guards can be Custom Made to Fit Your Project
  • · Cattle Guard Concrete Forms are ECONOMICAL and REUSABLE!
  • · Concrete Bases, Wings and Clean-Outs Available on Steel Cattle Guards
  • · Meet BLM and US Forrest Service Specs

TRADITIONAL STEEL - These cattle guards have been engineered to meet BLM and U.S. Forest Service specifications. The cattle guard meeting HS20 specifications is made with 8" x 18 lb. wide flange beams and 3/16" thick formed rails, this unit is tough enough to carry the heaviest load (engineering specifications available upon request). Also available in a lighter version is the HS15 cattle guard. Made with 8" channel and 1/8" formed rails, we call this the Farm-Duty Cattle Guard; it meets HS15 specifications. Extra heavy-duty U80 are also available.  All cattle guards are available in a variety of sizes up to 16 foot lengths. Our bolt on wings are pre-drilled and ready to attach. Also available upon request are pre-cast concrete bases.

CATTLE GUARD CONCRETE FORMS - DIY - Our patented Concrete Cattle Guard Forms such as the "CowStop" and the "Texan" have many tremendous advantages over the traditional steel cattle guards. These forms are re-usable, HS20-Rated and provide an extremely economical cattle guard for all of your fence crossings. You don't have to pay for the high cost of steel, the necessary labor of welding and you also don't have the high shipping costs. With these forms, not only are you able to produce a guard at a much, much lower cost, but you are also able to pour as many as you'd like. No need to build and ship individual steel guards when you can pour your own onsite! The cost savings of making your own is extraordinary - simply pour and set in place! Designed also with Animal Safety in mind, it is also safer for all hoofed animals. The openings start out at 5" at the top and narrow to 2.5" at the bottom. This prevents an animal from sliding through and exposing its' leg to breakage during a struggle to get out. They literally can't slide a leg through the guard. 

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