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Hopper Bins

Hopper Bins

Feed Storage Hopper Grain Bins for Sale - Small and Large
Made in the USA!!

We have large and small grain bins for sale!  Made in the USA out of galvanized steel or polyethylene. Small scale farmers usually buy grain and feed by the bag.  If you are feeding a greater number of animals, you might consider saving money and having your feed delivered by the ton!  As your farm grows, owning a bottom feed hopper grain storage bin will certainly make life a lot easier!  Not only will your feed be easily accessible, but your investment will also stay dry and out of the elements. Owning a hopper grain storage bin is essential and vital to your bottom line!

Common Uses for Grain Bins

Grain Storage: The most obvious use of grain bins is for grain storage after harvest. Common crops stored in bins include corn, wheat, barley, and rice. Grain bins are designed to protect the contents from moisture, pests, and spoilage. With proper storage, farmers can wait to sell their harvest when the market conditions are right. This advantage allows for maximum profitability.

Feed Storage for Livestock: Small grain bins (feed bins) are an excellent choice for storing feed. Buying feed in bulk saves money and using a grain bin for storage keeps the feed dry and free from contaminants and rodents.

Wood Pellet Storage: Do you have a pellet stove? If so, you know how much of a hassle it can be to buy bag after bag of pellets. Many pellet stove owners use a small grain bin to store wood pellets. This allows them to save money by buying in bulk, make less trips to the store, and have a convenient dispensing mechanism (slide gate) to fill up a bucket of pellets as needed.

Seed Storage: Farmers often use grain bins to store seeds for planting during the following season. Proper storage conditions are crucial for maintaining seed viability and germination rates, and this is where a well-constructed grain bin comes in handy.

Industrial Applications: Many businesses use grain bins to store items as part of their production chain. The most common industries include coffee roasters, breweries, chemical manufacturers, tire manufacturing plants, and even pharmaceutical companies.

Our hopper bottom feed storage bins and silos are made in the USA from high-quality galvanized steel or polyethylene and provide the perfect storage for your feed or any dry, free-flowing material, such as seeds, grain, corn, dried beans, and more. We have a wide variety of bulk bin sizes for you to choose from.  Our very popular best-selling Mini Bins are wonderful for the smaller dairy farm, microdairy, ranch or homestead operation. They hold anywhere from 1.6 to 2.1 tons.  For larger operations, our 6 or 7 foot diameter bulk storage bins hold from 2.9 tons to 10.8 tons.  Our large 9-foot bins can hold up to 15 tons. You can choose a slide gate, or a plastic transition with a slide shut off if you are using an auger.  All of our bins are made-to-order with the highest standards in mind and are built to last! 

We can ship any grain bin (small or large) to anywhere within the continental United States, and we can ship for FREE to most locations.

If you have any questions or would like a shipping quote, please contact us at 928-951-8332.

                                      Grain Bin FAQ:

Q:  What is the smallest grain bin that you sell?

A:  There are two main types of small grain bins available – galvanized steel or polyethylene. The smallest galvanized steel bin, also known as a “Mini Bin”, has a 1.6 ton (64 bushel) capacity, and it is a very popular item. The smallest polyethylene (plastic) bin has a 1.12 ton (45 bushel) capacity. If you are looking for even smaller bins, we also offer our new Feed Buddy feed bins that are available as small as a 200lb (3.6 bushel) capacity. The Feed Buddy bins are designed to store feed in barns and stables, but they can also be used to store smaller amounts of grain if so desired.

Q: How do I fill the grain bin?

A:  All of the bins have a lid on the top where the grain or feed can be loaded into. Aside from the Mini Bins, the lids have a chain or rope attachment that allows you to pull to open or close the lid without having to climb a ladder to access it.

Q: How is the grain or feed discharged from the bin?

A:  All bins come standard with a slide gate mechanism for discharge. This is a convenient way to fill a bucket or cart with an easy open/close operation. If you would like to attach an auger to the bottom of your bin(s), we also offer auger transition attachments which allow you to connect an auger. Please contact us for more details to be sure you get the correct transition piece.

Q: What type of foundation do you recommend placing the bin on?

A: It is best to place your bin on a concrete foundation at least 12" thick. Please make sure that the concrete foundation is designed per local soil and frost depth conditions. The concrete should have a minimum compressive strength of 3000lbs. per square inch. For safety purposes, the legs of the bin should be anchored into the concrete (anchor bolts are included in your purchase).

Q: What is a hopper bottom grain bin?

A: A hopper bottom grain bin is specifically-designed for the storage and easy unloading of grain or feed. It features a conical or funnel-shaped bottom, which allows for efficient gravity-fed unloading of the stored material.  All of the bins we carry (large and small, steel and polyethylene) are hopper-style bins. Overall, hopper bottom grain bins are valued for their practicality and efficiency in agricultural and industrial settings where bulk material handling and storage are essential.

Q: Do the grain bins arrive fully assembled?

A: No. All of the bins require at least some assembly. The polyethylene bins come as two cones (upper and lower cone) that need to be bolted together and then attached to the legs. The galvanized steel bins require more detailed assembly with several different parts. An instruction manual is included with each order as well as a direct phone number to the manufacturer in case you have any questions during assembly.

Q: Are discounts available if ordering more than 1 bin at a time?

A: In most cases, yes! Please call or email us if you would like to purchase more than 1 bin at a time, and we will do our best to give you a reasonable discount.

Q: How are the grain bins delivered?

A:  Due to size and weight, all grain bins are delivered via freight truck. Please be sure that your delivery address has adequate room for a large semi truck and trailer to access it. Also, if you do not have access to a forklift, tractor with forks, or a loading dock to offload the pallet(s), lift gate service is available for a small extra fee. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Do you ship to all 50 states?

A: We ship to all 48 continental United States. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii due to the logistical challenges and size/weight of the bins.

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