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Hopper Bins

Hopper Bins

Bottom Feed Storage Hopper Bins for Sale
Made in the USA!!

We have large and small grain bins for sale!  Made in the USA out of galvanized steel. Small scale farmers usually buy grain and feed by the bag.  If you are feeding a greater number of animals, you might consider saving money and having your feed delivered by the ton!  As your farm grows, owning a hopper grain storage bin will certainly make life a lot easier!  Not only will  your feed be easily accessible, but your investment will also stay dry and out of the elements. Owning a hopper grain storage bin is essential and vital to your bottom line!

Our hopper bottom feed storage bins silos are made in the USA from high quality galvanized steel and provide the perfect storage for your feed or any dry free flowing material, such as seeds, grain, corn, dried beans, and more. We have a wide variety of bulk bin sizes for you to choose from.  Our very popular best selling Mini Bins are wonderful for the smaller dairy farm, microdairy, ranch or homestead operation. They hold anywhere from 1.6 to 2.1 tons.  For larger operations, our 6 or 7 foot diameter bulk storage bins hold from 2.9 tons to 10.8 tons.  Our 9-foot bins can hold nearly 22 tons. You can choose a slide gate, or a plastic transition with a slide shut off if you are using an auger.  All of our bins are made-to-order with the highest standards in mind and are built to last! 

In recent years, hopper bottom bins are being used for so much more than just feed storage!  Farm and Ranch Depot provides these storage bins to coffee roasters for coffee bean storage, breweries for hops and grain storage, manufacturing plants, chemical plants and other commercial industries that need to store dry free flowing materials.  One might even consider storing pellets for pellet stoves in our Mini Bins!  

We can ship any grain bin (small or large) to anywhere within the continental United States.

If you have any questions or would like a shipping quote, please contact us at 928-951-8332.

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