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Milk Pasteurizers

Milk Pasteurizers

We carry only the best brands of milk pasteurizers for sale!  Milky, KleenFlo and SafGard home milk pasteurizer machines and pasteurization equipment ranging from 2 gallons to 12 gallons. We also carry stainless steel pasteurizers for an economical price! They are all very easy to use and constructed from the best materials with the highest standards. We also supply all the parts you may need for your home milk pasteurizer, please call and ask if you don't see a part you need.

One quality of milk is that it’s possible to turn it into a number of other goods through processing. It is a good chance for small dairy farms to provide their consumers a broader variety of options after only producing milk at first. Thankfully, you do not have to have an entire milk processing factory to provide various dairy goods. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using milk pasteurizer machines in small-scale milk processing.

Small-Scale Dairy Processing

Almost all small farms process milk to make it pasteurized because it is generally against the law to sell raw milk in most locations. To accomplish this, milk is heated inside pasteurizers — unique pasteurization devices — then cooled down. The process kills disease-causing microorganisms and makes milk safer. In addition, pasteurization will increase the shelf life of dairy goods. That is why the majority of governments mandate that both small farms and large manufacturers process their dairy products to make them pasteurized.

But milk pasteurization is a fundamental process which comes before any additional processing you will be putting the dairy product through. It isn’t mandatory for every country to pasteurize milk, but the majority of farmers usually still do it due to the increased shelf life.

The real processing which turns milk to another dairy product includes some type of fermentation or churning. For instance, 
butter is usually made through the process of churning that makes fat clump to butter, which discharges the liquid — that is what we refer to as buttermilk. To make yogurt, you must add active cultures to the milk and store it inside a warm space until it’s fermented.

Milk Pasteurizer Machines

As aforementioned, pasteurization equipment frequently lies at the heart of milk processing. Pasteurizers include machines which simplify that step for you. Milk pasteurization units heat the milk then keep it at a set temperature for a certain time, continuously stirring it then cooling it down in order to make it prepared for further processing or storing.

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