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NuPulse Mini Pump with E-Zee Bucket Milker for 1 Cow

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The NuPulse Portable Milking Systems with E-Zee Milking 30015 Bucket Assembly - This complete system comes with a vacuum pump and motor, adjustable regulator, vacuum gauge, vacuum reserve tank, and complete E-Zee Bucket Milker for 1 Cow. The 3/4 HP Mini Pump (41000NP) can operate up to 1 E-Zee bucket assembly at a time. These systems are perfect for exhibitors or small farms.  

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The NuPulse Portable Milking System with E-Zee Bucket Milker - This complete system comes with:

This product contains:
(1)- 41000NP - 3/4HP Mini Pump Complete

(1)- 30015 Bucket Assembly - (SS 65lb. Bucket, 14300 Kleen Flo Claw for cows, D#95 Pulsation) 

(1)- Nylon 5/8" to 1/2" Reducer

(0.5) FT- 5/8" CLEAR tubing, Glitex

NOTE:  The 3/4 HP Mini Pump (41000NP) can operate up to 1 E-Zee bucket assembly at a time.  The EZee bucket milkers require more vacuum because of the configuration of the claw/pulsator.  IF you are looking to milk 2 buckets at one time please order the kit that contains the NuPulse bucket milkers here:  NuPulse Mini Pump with NuPulse Bucket Milker for Cows or Goats.  

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